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Webpack, React, and Multiple Versions Issues

Having your app include two different versions of React can lead to serious issues.

Barebones Example of using React & Webpack

Sometimes it is easier to understand the most minimal setup of React + Webpack

Thoughts on Learning React & Flux

A introduction into our process of learning and implementing React & Flux

X-Requested-With, AJAX Requests, and Android WebViews

Why you shouldn't rely on X-Requested-With to determine if an HTTP request is an AJAX call or not.

How often I've blogged in the last 8 years

Since 2008 it has only been downhill.

Return to Blogging

A new dedication to blogging, using a new blogging tool


Given that my twitter feed has been full of news about Ferguson, and Facebook has been completely void of it, I should post something here.

SSH Key Forwarding & Sudo

Lately I’ve been really liking using SSH Key Forwarding to let a server I’m SSH’d into authorize against my key. Most of the time it is so I can pull private git repositories on a server.

Tech Interviews & Softball Questions

While it seems every few months the topic of the interview process goes around the community, and I think the general consensus is most of the time it is ineffective. At DDM, there has been a lot of thought put into our interview process, and so over the next few weeks I hope to share some ideas we’ve had.

Vagrant Alias to Make Life Easy: vurp

I’ve been using Vagrant on a daily basis for over a year now, and there is one common issue I run into: Sometimes VirtualBox’s network will hang and I need to force shutdown & re-up the instance. If you use NFS on Mac, this will also require some administrator privileges half the way through the process.