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Scheduled Posts in WordPress

So I’ve already had a few mess ups with the scheduling of posts in WordPress, where I on accidentally schedule it for an odd time, or publish it immediately. So I’m trying to find a plugin to help me keep track of scheduled posts. I’ve found a plugin for my dashboard, so it shows what it upcoming, but doesn’t help me easily manage them. What I’m looking for is something that allows me to re-schedule my posts quickly. Lets say I have 7 scheduled posts, one for each day. Now lets say some major news breaks, and I want to blog about it. But I want it to be current, and not wait 7 days by putting it at the end of my schedule. I could publish it immediately, but then I want to bump my entire schedule by a day.

Great Eats: Grideli's In Ogden

Tonight Joanna and I realized we had forgotten to take some chicken out to thaw from our freezer. So we decided to pick up some food from our favorite burger & yummy food place in South Ogden: Grideli’s.

Speaking: Utah Open Source Conference 2009

I will be speaking this year at the Utah Open Source Conference this year. My presentation is “Real Life Scaling: A Tale of Two Websites.” Here is the abstract:

Being a Productive Developer

Doh! I meant to schedule this for Thursday, so oops! Already off my schedule, but oh well. :P

jQuery Tip: Better Toggle

For many web developers, jQuery is the most awesome JavaScript library out there. For me, it has turned JavaScript from being a nightmare into a power tool. I love JavaScript now, where as before I truely hated it. Takes all the hassel out of most compatibility issues across browsers. I spend less time debuging it and more time writing it. While I’m on my goal to write more blog posts, I’m going to share a few jQuery tricks.

So You Want To Be A Web Developer?


A Post A Day, Getting Back Into Writing

I’ve decided as of Today, September 13th, 2009, I am going to try to publish a post a day. My reasoning is simple: I want to improve on my writing and proof reading skills. One can never be too good of a writer. I hope to achieve this by several ways.

Project Management & Entrepreneurship

My dear friend Eric Ping pointed out I only had a few days left before I’d break my year and half record of posting at least every month. I was wondering what to write about, and last night I figured out what to write.

Google Wave Jargon

I got my new Google Wave Demo Account. It is very, very alpha, but the concept is pretty awesome. I saw a funny “wave” and thought I would share.

Writing Effictive PHP Caches with Memcached

Update: I gave a presentation at the Utah PHP Usergroup about memcached that went really well. Here are the slides I used: