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I'm Boycotting Electronic Arts (EA) Games

As of today, I’m not going to buy another Electronic Arts (aka EA) video game. I’m tired of their “quantity over quality” point of view, and their poor decisions. I’ve blogged about my problems with EA Games before, but today I read that they are implementing a new system for their forum moderation. Basically, if you get banned on their forums, or any other part of their website, all relating account & games will be banned as well. So for the dozens of EA games that I own that I play online, some volunteer moderator at the EA forums can think my post is out of line, and ban me from all my purchases with EA? Some games aren’t played online, but almost all games now have some form of online participation.

Father Sued Over Freedom of Speech

I thought I would step in and write about the total non-sense that has been going on with the Linspire/Freespire debacle. Today I just found out my father, Kevin Carmony and ex-CEO of Linspire, is being sued by Michael Robertson over “… cybersquatting, trademark infringement, and unfair competition…” for “$100,000 and other damages.” You can read the entire post on Kevin’s blog. He summarizes the real intent behind this lawsuit well:

PHP Design - Biggest Database Oversights

Empowering JavaScript Through jQuery

Once I discovered jQuery, my life as a web developer changed. There are few libraries, tools, etc. that I can honestly say have completely changed the way I code. In all honesty, jQuery makes the difficult aspects of JavaScript and turns them into a strength. I recommend it over any other JavaScript library I know. It is smaller, leaner, straight forwards, and more powerful than anything out there. Large companies like Google, Microsoft, and Dell use it. Microsoft is now including jQuery in Visual Studio, their powerful IDE for making websites. If anything, I have yet to meet a person who has used jQuery and has gone to anything else.

Is Apple Blinded by Style?

I have to add my voice to Jason D. O’Grady from ZDNet’s “The Apple Core” about the new MacBook & MacBook Pro. Jason complains:

EA - Lack of Quality & Out of Touch

An article posted on Slashdot just set me off today. Custom PC reports a quote from EA‘s CEO, John Riccitiello, about DRM & their recent games:

PHP Video Tutorial – Getting Started – Installing XAMPP

Local LAMP Developement & User Content

I’ve come up with a simple solution for handling user uploaded content when trying to work in a local development environment. I’ve installed XAMPP on my windows machine and at the beginning of every week I take a database snapshot and update my local database. I had a pretty smooth system going with one problem: user uploaded content.

Ubuntu Desktop Terminal - Su

This is just a quick reference for myself. When I want to “su to root” in Ubuntu’s terminal I need to do the follow: sudo su

Jing - Sharing Made Easy

I’ve found this really cool program, and it is awesome. I think Jing has stumbled upon a great idea. The concept is simple: instead of explaining things, you show things. In a nut shell, I can select any part of my monitor, take a screenshots and make notes on it, or make a video recording, and upload it to the web. I’ve been able to do this before, but Jing makes it 100% streamlined. It works for Windows and OS X.