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PHP Video Tutorial – Getting Started – Installing XAMPP

Local LAMP Developement & User Content

I’ve come up with a simple solution for handling user uploaded content when trying to work in a local development environment. I’ve installed XAMPP on my windows machine and at the beginning of every week I take a database snapshot and update my local database. I had a pretty smooth system going with one problem: user uploaded content.

Ubuntu Desktop Terminal - Su

This is just a quick reference for myself. When I want to “su to root” in Ubuntu’s terminal I need to do the follow: sudo su

Jing - Sharing Made Easy

I’ve found this really cool program, and it is awesome. I think Jing has stumbled upon a great idea. The concept is simple: instead of explaining things, you show things. In a nut shell, I can select any part of my monitor, take a screenshots and make notes on it, or make a video recording, and upload it to the web. I’ve been able to do this before, but Jing makes it 100% streamlined. It works for Windows and OS X.

Adeona - Open Source LoJack for Laptops

There is nothing worse than having your laptop or computer stolen. Recently, a close family member had his house robbed, losing his PC and Laptop. The biggest set back wasn’t the cost, but the hundreds of important files for work that were lost.

It's Time for Campaignin' - Elections Video

I couldn’t help resist posting this video I found over at John P‘s blog. The thing I like best is that it equally hammers all people involved.

CSS – ID vs Class

After hacking apart & cleaning up code for the better part of the day, I’ve decided to set the record straight about CSS, IDs, and Classes. The question is “when should I use an ID, and when should I use a class?” Is it that big of a deal?

Exactly 9 Years Ago Today: Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending

I read this article on John P.’s blog “One Mans Blog“ today and I thought I would pass it along. Here is an except:

Carrington Theme & Hashcash Plug-in Solution

I’ve been a huge Hashcash fan since using WordPress. In a nutshell, it requires a browser to process some javascript to generate a number to verify that the browser in-fact read the page. This helps prevent bots from submitting spam comments. The idea is that if a spam bot was required to process the javascript to make a “hash”, it would slow down posting comments by 20 times, if not more. Spammers make money off volumn, so they would lose “cash” slowing down their spamming. Hence the name: Hashcash.

WordPress Carrington Theme - I'm Impessed

I just read over at Matt Mullenweg’s blog about the annoucement of the Carrington Theme for WordPress. For those who don’t know, WordPress is a PHP/MySQL based blogging system and is the one I use for my blog. I’ve installed the Carrigton Theme and I really like it. Over the next few weeks I’ll be checking it out and playing around with it. I’ll keep everyone posted!