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SSH Key Forwarding & Sudo

Lately I’ve been really liking using SSH Key Forwarding to let a server I’m SSH’d into authorize against my key. Most of the time it is so I can pull private git repositories on a server.

Tech Interviews & Softball Questions

While it seems every few months the topic of the interview process goes around the community, and I think the general consensus is most of the time it is ineffective. At DDM, there has been a lot of thought put into our interview process, and so over the next few weeks I hope to share some ideas we’ve had.

Vagrant Alias to Make Life Easy: vurp

I’ve been using Vagrant on a daily basis for over a year now, and there is one common issue I run into: Sometimes VirtualBox’s network will hang and I need to force shutdown & re-up the instance. If you use NFS on Mac, this will also require some administrator privileges half the way through the process.

Restarting VirtualBox on Mavericks

Occasionally when rebooting my machine, VirtualBox would fail to start up correctly. They changed the command to restart it once moving to OS X Mavericks, so I’m just recording here the new command:

Why You Should Attend a Tech Conference

Ever since 2006 I had always wanted to go to a technology conference. I’d see titles of talks for ZendCon and think “Wow, that would be cool to learn about!” In 2009, I finally went to the Utah Open Source Conference (now called OpenWest), and I was blown away with all the stuff to learn. Then, in 2011, I shelled out my own money and flew to Chicago for PHP Tek, and it cost me around $3,000 after conference ticket, flights, hotel, & other expenses while at Chicago.

Vagrant, VirtualBox, & Guest Additions

If you use Vagrant & VirtualBox often, its important to to keep your Guest Additions up-to-date. Occasionally you’ll run into weird network or shared folers bugs, and it is important to rule out the guest additions as the problem. The most simple way it to use the vagrant plugin vagrant-vbguest. If you’re on Vagrant 1.1 or higher, you can simple use the follow command:

Ubuntu 12.04, PHP 5.4, Apache2, and ppa:ondrej/php5

Okay, wow, what a doozy. I guess this is a lesson in why you want to be careful of the PPAs you use on your Ubuntu servers.

The Power of "You Are Awesome"

I received a very nice email today from Elizabeth Naramore, someone who I’ve met through the PHP community. In it she made a simple statement:

Lunch & Responsive Web Workshop

At Deseret Digital Media (DDM), we were looking to bring in a Responsive Web Design expert to do some training with our team. However, if we were going to go to the expense of flying in someone to do a workshop with our team, we figured other people would benefit from it at as well.

Favorite IT Crowd Episode: The Internet

I posted this back in 2009, but that video on YouTube is no longer working. So I figure I’d repost it since it is such a funny episode. The IT Crowd was one of my favorite TV shows. It’s about two guys from IT Support, and their manager who doesn’t know anything about IT.