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First PHP Project - Tournament Brackets

I mentioned on my twitter account that my very first project in PHP is used in production today, and I had a few people ask me what it was. So I thought I would show some examples of it in action. While I had done other things in PHP, this was the first time I had sat down and built someone by myself instead of just modifying someone else’s code. I built it for the very first time back in 2005, and since then have had to update it a few times. But it is still used regularly to host CEVO’s tournaments.

PHP Itch to Scratch: Object Notation

Marco Tabini, co-founder of php|architect and Blue Palabora, posed an interesting topic: Is PHP running out of itches to scratch?

Excellent WSJ Article: Public Employment

I read an opinion article that put into words exactly my opinion on the trends in the public and private sector. Now, I have family and in-laws who work for the government, as well as relatives who have worked a long time and retired. I believe the government has it’s place to do thing in our country.

Dating DNA

[caption id=”attachment_853” align=”alignright” width=”150” caption=”Dating DNA Home Page”][/caption]Dating DNA is a popular free dating website and iPhone app. We currently have several hundred thousand members, and hundreds joining every day. I’ve been working with Dating DNA since March 2008, and have been working with them ever since.

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Alienware Arena

Alienware Arena was one of those projects that was a lot of fun to work on. Doing work inside the video game industry is always fun for me, especially since I enjoy a good video game now and then.

Restoring Large MySQL Dump - 900 Million Rows

This last weekend I had a fun opportunity of restoring roughly 912 Million Rows to a database. 902 Million belonged to one single table (902,966,645 rows, to be exact). To give an idea of growth, the last time I blogged about this database we had about 40 million rows. This giant table, the “Scores” table, is has a very small schema: two ints, a tiny int, and a DECIMAL(5,2).

Sending Email from non-email Ubuntu Server

I have a couple of scripts that use the linux “mail” command to send results of cron jobs, backups, and such. The problem is I don’t want to setup more overhead than I need, nor do I want to setup non-secure services. So after asking the guys on the #uphpu channel, they recommended postfix. So for a Ubuntu 10.04 server, just run the following commands: