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Alienware Arena

Alienware Arena was one of those projects that was a lot of fun to work on. Doing work inside the video game industry is always fun for me, especially since I enjoy a good video game now and then.

Restoring Large MySQL Dump - 900 Million Rows

This last weekend I had a fun opportunity of restoring roughly 912 Million Rows to a database. 902 Million belonged to one single table (902,966,645 rows, to be exact). To give an idea of growth, the last time I blogged about this database we had about 40 million rows. This giant table, the “Scores” table, is has a very small schema: two ints, a tiny int, and a DECIMAL(5,2).

Sending Email from non-email Ubuntu Server

I have a couple of scripts that use the linux “mail” command to send results of cron jobs, backups, and such. The problem is I don’t want to setup more overhead than I need, nor do I want to setup non-secure services. So after asking the guys on the #uphpu channel, they recommended postfix. So for a Ubuntu 10.04 server, just run the following commands:

Analogy for Moving From SVN to Git

Today as I was talking with a friend about Git and when or not we should switch a repository from SVN to Git, I thought up a pretty good analogy. So I thought I would share this to those who are looking to learn Git, and hopefully put them in the right mindset.

How I Became a Web Developer & CTO

Note: many of the screenshots of websites I had done in the past are from the Internet Archive and many of the images are missing. But it can give an idea on the projects I had worked on. One day I’ll try and track down the original files and update the screenshots.

Using GIT with SVN

Over the last two and a half years, since the day I presented on Streamlined Web Development with SVN, I’ve been hearing about the Source Control Management tool called “git.” I kept reading about it online, seeing it on the schedules for conferences, and hearing it about it in the different Open Source groups here in Utah. I have been a big time Subversion (SVN) user for several years now, and it has solved my problems Background I have tried to use it in the past two or three times, but each time I had basically given up. There were a few reasons why in the past I didn’t really stick with using Git:

PHP, SoapClient, SoapServer, and Timeouts

I ran into an extremely frustrating problems while trying to add a test script for some PHP web services. I won’t go into detail on all the different things I went through to debug this problem. But here is what it all boiled down to: